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What is Ahora?

Ahora is an organization that empowers and enables individuals and families to build wealth. As a Massachusetts charitable corporation, Ahora re-invests any and all funds back to the client and the community by providing personal financial coaching and counseling services that advance a culture of saving, wealth building and economic mobility.

How is Ahora different from other organizations?

  • Ahora is a public charity. It finances its operations primarily through public donations and a nominal fee received from clients for its products or services.
  • Ahora is a service-based model that employs experienced financial coaches to support each individual in their personal journey to create and build generational wealth.
  • Ahora is made up of highly successful people who started from modest or low-income means and are now teaching and serving Ahora clients to build wealth.
  • We just don’t tell clients what to do, we empower them and support them to develop and execute a personal financial plan that works for them.

Can anyone become an Ahora client?

Yes. Anyone can become an Ahora client. It’s as simple as giving us a call.

Do I need to have a lot of money to join Ahora?

You don’t need a lot of money to become an Ahora client. Anyone can sign up to receive Ahora’s services, regardless of wealth or income.

Is Ahora only for latinos?

No. Ahora’s services is for anyone that has the desire to improve their financial situation and achieve their goals of buying a home, starting a business, saving for retirement, reducing debt, paying for college, etc.

What to expect in the initial meeting?

During the initial meeting we have the opportunity to meet you and to understand your financial goals, needs and challenges in order to elaborate your personalized financial plan.

Is the Ahora web platform secure?

Yes; we employ modern information security practices, including transit and storage encryption, to protect your information on the platform.

Does Ahora collect my banking or social security information?

No. We do not collect banking account information or social security.

What is the Ahora process?

When you sign up for Ahora’s services, you can expect the following:

  • You will have access to the online financial health management tool.
  • A financial coach will be assigned to you.
  • You will receive a welcome email from your coach with the option to schedule your initial meeting.
  • During the initial meeting, your coach will take time to understand your current financial situation, challenges and goals.
  • You will receive a set of simple next steps and recommendations based on the information you provide.
  • You will review, discuss and refine the recommendations and plan to ensure it meets your goals and addresses your needs.
  • You and your coach will have periodic check-ins to support the implementation of the plan.
  • When needed, you will contact us with questions and seek advice regarding situations or challenges you may encounter.

Why do I need Ahora?

Financial planning can be overwhelming and stressful due to the large number of options and volume of information that are currently available. We discuss and review your currently financial situation and personalize simple action plan based on your needs and goals. Ahora provides easy to use budget and savings plans as well as credit building options. Ahora collaborates with respected and experienced professionals and organizations to support you in your journey, whether you desire to invest, improve your credit scores, start a business, buy a home, improve your access to credit, etc.

Is there a risk in joining Ahora?

No. There is no risk in joining. Ahora does not have custody of client’s money, nor do we collect personal banking account numbers, credit card numbers, social security, etc. We work with you closely to understand your financial situation and then we provide recommendations and steps you can take to improve your finances, build wealth and achieve your financial goals.

Is Ahora an investment manager?

No. Ahora is not an investment manager, or a wealth advisor. Ahora provides services to help clients arrive at a point where they can invest money through a wealth manager. Ahora has contacts with trusted wealth managers who may offer pro bono consultation to Ahora’s clients. When clients are ready to invest, we will help you choose and make contact with a wealth manager or adviser who can help you develop an investment plan.

Is Ahora an independent organization?

Yes. Ahora is completely independent.

How does Ahora make money?

As a not-for-profit organization, Ahora relies on two sources of revenue: charitable donations and a modest subscription monthly fee.

Does Ahora profit from partnerships or alliances?

No. Ahora does not profit from its partnerships. Ahora enters into partnerships with select organizations to bring value to clients like discounts, or to offer services at very low cost that client would otherwise pay significantly more money for.

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