Ahora, Inc. Launching to Provide Financial Coaching to Underserved Families and Individuals

New non-profit aimed at making wealth building more accessible

BOSTON (PRWEB) June 01, 2021 – Ahora, Inc., a newly formed non-profit organization focused on increasing economic mobility and empowering individuals and families to gain financial freedom, is set to launch its expert-led services in the coming weeks. Though rooted in the Latino community, Ahora is available to anyone looking for trusted financial guidance and personalized coaching.

Co-founded by Latino and immigrant families with firsthand experience overcoming the challenges associated with comprehending and navigating financial services, Ahora makes financial resilience, budgeting, and wealth building attainable for all.

Ahora provides financial coaching, easy-to-use educational resources, and personalized money management strategies to support individuals and families on their wealth-building journeys. Ahora’s services focus on five main objectives: financial literacy, personalized budgeting, credit building and repair, money management strategies, and wealth generation.

“We have a deep understanding of the needs of our clients because we were once in their situations,” said Samanda Morales, co-founder and CEO of Ahora. “The financial industry in America can be intimidating—and sometimes harmful—to immigrant families or low-income individuals who lack the knowledge to navigate the system. Our goal is to arm clients with the tools and trusted coaching they need to make informed and beneficial decisions with their money—it’s really all about empowerment and building financial confidence.”

Available through an affordable, two-tier monthly subscription model, Ahora’s active platform is expected to launch in July. Services include one-on-one meetings with a financial coach, online budgeting tools, monthly webinars, and tailored financial planning. Those interested in gaining support and jumpstarting their path to financial mobility and growth are encouraged to join the waitlist so they can begin receiving correspondences and important updates right away.

Ahora also has strategic partnerships with other experts in adjacent industries, including a wealth advisor and real estate agent, to provide comprehensive support and help clients realize their lifelong goals.

To learn more about Ahora and join the waitlist, please visit ahoramoney.org.

About Ahora, Inc.

Ahora, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 2020 by Latino and immigrant families with a deep passion for advancing a culture of self-reliance, wealth building, and economic mobility. Ahora offers access to educational resources, personal financial coaches, and culturally appropriate services designed to teach financial literacy and help build wealth. ahoramoney.org.

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